We must work to ensure our system of electing leaders is truly representative of democracy. Our leaders should represent us, not the special interests that corrupt our democracy. And until every vote counts and every vote is counted, we will not have true democracy.

Voter suppression

Forces across the U.S. are undermining the right to vote by imposing intentionally burdensome restrictions on voting. Some of America’s most vulnerable populations are being pushed out of the voting booth by these measures. We’re working to make sure voting is safe, accessible and as easy as possible, no matter which district you live in.


Elections have been won and rigged by gerrymandering, which only serves to keep under privileged communities from improving, while wealthy neighborhoods gain influence. We believe in fair elections across America, and support efforts to end gerrymandering in our country.

Clean elections

Getting money out of politics.


Women’s March Sister Network (WMSN) is committed to taking the women’s march movement beyond marches and exercise true political power. WMSN provides opportunities for activists, volunteers and citizens to take political action to elect candidates who are aligned with the Women’s March Agenda.
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