Women’s equality is long overdue. We will not rest until it is achieved.
End Violence Against women

Every day, hundreds of people are the victim of sexual assault and violence – and a disproportionate number of those survivors are women. We’re demanding changes to the law, to hold rapists and assaulters responsible, and calling for a more responsible culture where women don’t have to live in fear for their lives.


The #MeToo Era sparked an incredible change around the world, but our work is not done. Women in the workplace deserve to feel safe and respected – that’s why we’re working for systemic change to protect survivors and ensure consequences for assaulters in positions of power.


There are still 48 states that allow child marrriage, allowing girls to be trapped in abusive relationships with few legal rights. No child should be forced into a marriage.


The International Labour Organization estimates that 40.3 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking – an overwhelming majority of which are women and girls.  


Equal pay for equal work – it’s as simple as that. Women are paid about 78 cents for every dollar a man makes at work for the same work. We’re dedicated to dispelling myths about Equal Pay, and working to ensure equality in the workplace, by law and by practice.


A life should never be put at risk due to government’s prevention of appropriate and available healthcare. Women have the right to controlling their own bodies, and any legal restrictions on healthcare and reproductive freedoms only further inequality. We believe women have the right to choose, and are fighting to make sure all women have access to safe and affordable healthcare, no matter where they live.


There are still legal distinctions between men and women in terms of divorce, property, employment, and work. We’re working to make sure this crucial amendment finally passes, and that women are guaranteed equal treatment by law.


Women’s March Sister Network (WMSN) is committed to taking the women’s march movement beyond marches and exercise true political power. WMSN provides opportunities for activists, volunteers and citizens to take political action to elect candidates who are aligned with the Women’s March Agenda.
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